The old saying pick on someone your own size became overwhelmingly relevant in May 2014 when one scrawny thug decided to go after a larger framed individual.

Unfortunately, the bully, along with his little friend baseball bat, learned the hard way that a sidekick weapon does not necessarily provide with the means of victory.

After a verbal argument between the thug and the other man, who was talking on his cell phone, the wiry weasel-thug departed the seen, only to return moments later with his bat.

Unfortunately for him, his intended victim, who is believed to be a U.S. Marine, deftly neutralized the situation before the thug even got in a good swing. Eventually the thug was rendered unconscious via choke-hold.

The victor then retrieves his cell phone, which had been lost in the non-struggle, and appears to call the cops.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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