French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen isn't one to mince or sugar coat words. She tells it like it is, and she'll tell you off if that's what it takes.

Recently Le Pen told a reporter figuratively where to shove it when pressed about her appreciation for alternative news sites.

Reporter: You say, “Turn away from the traditional media, go and find news on the Internet.” Aren’t you aware that it could be dangerous, talking like that?

Le Pen: Why?

Reporter: On the Internet you can find conspiracy theories, all types of things … it’s not necessarily verified information.

Le Pen: Don’t you think that the traditional media have conspiracy theories?

We can think of several: Russians rigged the U.S. presidential election; President Trump is in Putin's back pocket; Russians invaded the Ukraine when the evidence shows it was an Obama Administration-Globalist coup a la Victoria "F--- the EU" Nuland; Russia annexed Crimea, when in fact it was a peaceful reunification approved by a 97-percent referendum vote of the Crimean people; Syrian president Bashar al-Asad used chemical weapons against his own people, when the proof of the blood pudding is that it was Saudi-backed "moderate" rebels; Hillary is the most experienced presidential candidate in U.S. history; Donald Trump is Hitler and hates women.

Le Pen said it's because of anti-Russia conspiracy theories that fewer people have confidence in the mainstream media.

A majority of the American people swept Donald Trump into office in November on his promise to "Make America Great Again." In similar fashion, National Front candidate Marine Le Pen is determined to restore "Le Grandeur" to a jihadist-ridden, socialist ruined multicultural France.

Being a true nationalist Le Pen is as much a mortal enemy of the globalist mainstream media in France as is Donald Trump in the U.S. They both have received plenty of bad press to prove it.

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Source:  Louder With Crowder

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