While on his deathbed, former Marine Dr. Larry Lindsey gave an extremely powerful message to our nation's president-elect, that speaks volumes to the respect that our soldiers have for our new president. Larry stayed alive just long enough to see Donald Trump elected and just before he passed, the past weekend, he had his family videotape him and his final words on Americans.

Mad World News has more:

Dr. Larry Lindsey worried about his country as he was dying. He worried that Hillary Clinton would, win and as a former Marine, he knew that would spell disaster. Larry lived long enough to vote for Trump, and his family said he was so proud when General Mattis, one of his heroes, was tapped for the Secretary of Defense.

Larry started out by saying, “President Trump, Vice President, Pence and General Mattis, I would like to say that the greatest honor of my life has been to wage this battle with you. I haven’t been prouder to being a Marine than anything I’ve ever done in my life. Having a hand in some small way in fighting for my country has meant the world to me.”

The highly pressured oxygen machine was loud in the background, which forces Larry’s lungs open, but you can still make out what he is saying. He continued, ” There is no greater honor for me than to have great men like you leading this country back to its foundation and back to God. Mr. Trump, I have no doubt in my heart and my mind that you will be perhaps the greatest president in the history of our country.”

Larry’s lungs are failing, but his mind is sharp. He turns his comments to Mike Pence when he said, “Vice President Pence, I am so honored to call you my vice president. You’re an incredibly good man and probably the only vice president in 150 years to have any brains. And I appreciate that about you.”

Then this dying former Marine addresses Gen. Mattis, who is a marine himself. “General Mattis, it appears I am out of ammunition but I continue to fight with my last breath.I do not fear death for I know where I am going and I am only going home for a rest,” he said.

Larry knows he is dying very soon as he makes this final video and shares his final thoughts to his fellow Americans. He knows with all his heart that Americans saved the country by voting for Trump, but he also wants us to know what lies ahead:

“It is you people the good people of America for whom I cry, my loved ones and my friends, and the sacrifices they continue to make in this fight for our country. Dying is the easy part. Dying is the comforting part if you know who your God is and you know that he holds your hand. And I do. I praise God for a wonderful life. So many blessings I have known… I want you to know, each and every one of you that we have taken on a challenge that is only just begun. The real battle lies ahead.” [via YouTube]

Larry last words are bittersweet, as he salutes, saying, “And General Mattis, I want to request sir, Give ’em hell and Semper Fi. God Bless.” Larry died a few hours after this message. He went to his eternal rest, knowing America was in good hands, but he also realized that the fight is just beginning. He is right, the liberals will not give up and we will have to continue to fight them at every turn.

We lost a true patriot and proud Marine when Larry passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. We who are left owe to all of those who went before us to finish the work of restoring our nation, it is the best way we can honor them.

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Source: Mad World News

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