Recently a man went to the doctor to have a check up after he felt something strange in his nose. Things quickly turned to a scene from a horror film as soon as the doctor figured out what was wrong and pulled out a five-foot long monster out of the man's noise. Now a video of the frightening incident is making its rounds on the internet and going viral.

Reports from the internet seem to indicate that the video came from Australia. A men went to go have a doctor check out a strange tickle in his nose.

However, the man's concern would quickly turn to absolute hysteria after seeing what the doctor was forced to remove from the man's nostril.

The man's health care provider began to inspect the man's nose and poke around with a pair of tweezers. To make it all worse, the man had no anesthesia for the entire procedure.

Things only got worse and more agonizing for the patient after the doctor was able to grab onto what he'd been searching for.

The doctor found a five-foot long tape worm lodged in the man's nose and latched onto it with a pair of tweezers.

The doctor began to pull the tape worm out one foot at a time. Naturally the man squirmed in fear and agony as the slow process was completed.

These tape worms can grow to massive lengths multiple meters in length and are most often caught from eating undercooked beef or pork. As soon as the doctor removed this monster she gave the man a tissue of some kind to hold to his nose while it drained.

You can imagine the fear and then subsequent relief as the doctor took out the parasite and treated the man. He's sure to take the proper care when preparing food from now on and that's what this video should teach the rest of us. It serves as a reminder that a few extra minutes in the kitchen making sure food is prepared properly can save you from some truly terrifying fates.

Source: Mad World News

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