A certain video of Malia Obama has recently gone viral after it showed Barack Obama's daughter in the middle of this act in public, can you guess what it is?

Here's a hint: She wasn't reading in the park, or giving to the homeless, nor was she walking the elderly across the street or saluting our troops as they walk by. Instead she was setting a 'fine' example for our nations youth on camera.

It was reported earlier that Malia Obama had cut out of the DNC to go to Lollapaluza in Chicago, one of the many major annual music festivals across the nation.

Now it wouldn't have been an issue for any teen to go to a music festival (although considering the timing maybe she could've gone to the next one) but it was what she was caught doing at the festival that makes the Bush twins look like saints.

Take a look for yourself at the type of behavior that the President and his wife are teaching in the White House.

So not only is the Barack Obama's daughter deciding to head halfway across the country to enjoy some drug fueled music festival, all on the taxpayers' dime, but once she gets there she decided to act like total trash and show off that first family rear to the world.

Well Mr. and Mrs. Obama, you must be very proud.

It's no wonder that this country has gone to hell under Obama's leadership. If he can't even get a hold of his own household and get a handful of people to listen to his guidance then how did he ever expect to lead a nation of millions of people?

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Source: Mad World News



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