The violence that erupted on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus forced the cancellation of a Trump rally spread to St. Louis and Kansas City, disrupting rallies in those cities, and pressing his Secret Service contingent into action when a lone protestor rushed Trump when he was speaking on an outdoor platform in Dayton, Ohio, but the dissent was also felt in the media covering the events.

Although it appears that the protesters were organized, and possibly funded by candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and democrat-supported groups and Black Lives Matter, much of the media, including conservative FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly, was quick to point the finger of blame at Donald Trump, holding the flamboyant billionaire responsible for the protests.

Trump is widely seen as having tapped into the genuine anger and frustration of a new “silent majority” of voters who have felt marginalized in the fundamentally transformed America designed, as promised, by President Barack Obama.

Trump rallies frequently take on the tone of a gigantic pep rally, drawing tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters who come to hear Trump’s unscripted and occasionally politically incorrect remarks ranging from building a wall at the Southern border – at Mexico’s expense – to bringing outsourced jobs back to America, which also bring protesters and heated words in the crowd.

On Friday night, in an interview with Trump, FOX News host Sean Hannity took exception to efforts by the media, including those of FOX’s own Kelly, to blame the Republican frontrunner for the events on the UIC campus, saying, “I’ve been watching and flipping the dial tonight. And somehow people are trying to flip this on you. Some of your competitors and frankly some pretty ignorant so-called journalists have been trying to do this same thing as if you stating your political opinions is responsible for this.”

While Trump rallies are boisterous and passionate, leading one 73-year-old supporter to throw a punch at a protestor, the candidate has never instructed or even suggested that his followers target and disrupt rallies held by Democrats Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As Trump reminded the crowd at an event on Saturday, “My people are good. My people are great.”

Source: Conservative Tribune


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