Sometimes you look at something on the internet and wonder, "Did that really happen?"

Such was the case in Oakland, California last week when police dispatchers responded to what was perhaps the most bizarre call they'd ever received.

At 3 in the morning a white man wielding a machete was standing on a corner of Oakland screaming at passing cars. In a video recorded by someone watching from the upper levels of a nearby building, the man was dressed in black and waving the machete over his head.

Later, the man took his machete wielding into the middle of the street where a red sports-car swerved towards him, evidently trying to scare him enough to get out of the road.

The machete man, however, was unfazed and dodged the swipe of the car. As the car passed by him he swung his machete and hit the car.

Later in the video the same red car tried to run over the man multiple times, backing up and trying to hit him. Each time the car missed the man he swung his machete and and whacked the sports-car.

The final time the man dodged the swipe of the car, however, he backed up into oncoming traffic and was hit by a different car sending him flying.

Amazingly, the machete man got up after being flung off the side of the road and walked to the sidewalk where he continued to brandish his weapon.

Police eventually responded to the scene and took the man into custody, but they have no information on the drivers of the car that hit him or the car that he chopped with his machete.

Thank goodness for police officers who are ready and prepared for any situation. This was, undoubtedly, the strangest call that they have responded to in a long while.

h/t: Las Vegas Review Journal

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