Donald Trump and Al Sharpton, both popular among their own political sides, are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum. But it's clear that Al Sharpton is more worried than Trump about taking a hit to his political stature.

Trump was asked on the popular Fox and Friends television show to respond to the way that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as well as Al Sharpton are responding to the police killings that have happened in the Big Apple. Trump didn't hesitate to call Sharpton out.

"I've dealt with Al Sharpton many times over the years. He is a guy who I don't really believe believes what he's saying. Some people would call him a con man," said Trump.

Trump continued his lambasting of Sharpton by saying that he has blood on his hands from the many murders that he has condoned and encouraged. Trump also noted the fact that Sharpton doesn't pay taxes and, in fact, owes several million dollars in back taxes--something which would lead to jail time for any other American citizen.

Trump also didn't shy away from condemning Obama as an instigator in the violent protests and police killings that have rocked New York. With a black president in the White House, Trump suggested that relation should be better.

"In the age of Obama," Trump continued, "[New York City] is the worst I've ever seen it. And I've been watching it for a long time."

When asked to respond to Sharpton's claims that people had been sending threatening messages to him, Trump was quick to point out that Sharpton's skills lie in turning situations to be beneficial to him.

"He has a way of turning things around," said Trump.

It's refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is regarding Sharpton and other antagonizers who simply stir up hatred in this country. Thanks Trump!

h/t: American News


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