The black flag with the graceful, but sinister Arabic writing has become all too familiar in the past few years,

The tiny town of Pittsfield, New Hampshire just 40 miles from the Atlantic coastline has a population 4,100.

The makeup of the town is homogeneous with close to 98 of the residents being white, tracing back to its founding in 1768 by English colonists.

It is not a hotbed of radical activity or the heart of a volatile debate about immigration.

Pittsfield holds the uncontested Guinness Book of World Record for “The Most People Wearing Groucho Marx Glasses at the Same Time” in 2001 – 522.

The local economy is maintained by the Globe Manufacturing Company that makes gear for firefighters.

So, it was a surprise when police found the black battle flag of ISIS hanging at the Suncook River Dam just south of town.

The police department said it has “a person of interest,” and has assured the community that there is no direct or immediate threat.

However, the department did not clarify whether that individual has been interviewed or taken into custody.

The department did say it has shared information with both state and federal authorities and is “carefully evaluating all information.”

What is obvious is that if an ISIS flag can be found flying in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, it can be found anywhere.

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