We heard a lot of people on the left urging their electors to vote for people other than Donald Trump this past election cycle. In Texas, we even saw some electors defecting from the right and running scared to the left. Well, that's not the case with this one Republican patriot elector hailing from The Buckeye State.

In Butler County, Ohio, the county sheriff was receiving a lot of pressure from the left leading up to the election, urging him to not cast his vote for Donald Trump.

Sheriff Richard Jones received hundreds of letters from scared and angry liberals, desperately trying to get him to change his mind and change his vote.

Sheriff Jones compiled all these letters and saved them for something spectacular that he had planned for after Election Day.

After Sheriff Jones went down and to cast his vote for President-elect Donald Trump on Election Day, Jones came back and posted a series of Tweets to show exactly how he felt about the liberals' pleas to drop Donald Trump in favor of another candidate.

The many pictures and videos show Jones tossing all the letters in the fire pit. He then proceeds to drench the obnoxious letters in some sort of flammable liquid. After he lights his cigar he decided to burn all the letters, and with them, their hope to have that vote cast anywhere but to Donald Trump.

Jones narrates the video, at one point saying, "Got a lot of letters to burn."

"We've got our electoral votes and we got a new president," Jones continues.

Check out the videos below:

This is exactly how people in this country should handle those whining liberals that just complain and hope that things will get better. If that's all you're going to do then those leftist pipe dreams are going to go up in flames just like those letters.

Share and show how a Republican deals with leftist crybabies.

Source: Fox News Insider


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