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If you’re a parent of a toddler then no doubt this sound of screeching is quite familiar, it’s usually accompanied by the toddler not getting his/her way, or perhaps simply wanting to get attention, and on occasion perhaps getting a scrape on the knee and screeching loudly for a few brief seconds.

Now fast forward to this 9-second video and those familiar antics of a toddler seems to have become a part of this liberal protester's arsenal of political performance, to even throwing herself to the ground screeching in apparent pain, a performance worthy of an ACADEMY AWARD.

However upon closer examination of the incident, the only pain visible is in the somewhat bemused police officer face.

The obvious set-up by the protester is quite evident as the police officer dressed in riot gear brushes away this young ladies foam toy, she suddenly grabs her face and begins that toddler screeching and falls to the ground, and immediately someone in the crowd comes to her aid.

What’s obvious from this brief video clip is how progressives use the media to push their agenda and of course how the mainstream media covers such incidents like this…progressives like this young lady justify their actions of lies, and falsehoods by simply declaring that the ends always justify the means.

Do you think this protester whackjob should be held accountable and but in jail?

Source: Live Leak

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