Recently CNN interviewed the supposedly innocent Muslim 'victim' of Donald Trump. The woman was kicked out of a Trump rally while standing up behind trump wearing a shirt that read:

"Salam, I come in peace."

The shirt was also adorned with a yellow star of David. This was especially disturbing seeing as it was eerily similar what the Nazi's made the Jews wear at the time of the Third Reich.

But what was the most troubling thing about this whole story?

The fact that somehow CNN managed to find and interview the 56-year-old Muslim woman before the rally.

This can only mean one thing.

The woman was an obvious plant meant to make news headlines and portray Trump as a racist towards Muslims.

Check out the full video below and see how rehearsed this interview really is.

This is pathetic that the liberal media is willing to stoop so low as to hit Trump under the belt with this conniving maneuver.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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