“I want to know who’s in this country.”

“I want to keep track of them.”

If they ever committed a crime, either in the country they came from or in this country, deport them immediately no questions asked.”

Donald Trump is at it again.

The guy just won’t let up on the whole illegal alien thing.

Gotcha! None of those statements above were made by Donald Trump. Every one of them is attributed to the Democrat presidential candidate front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Way back in November of 2007, at a town hall campaign stop in Amana, Iowa, Ms. Clinton was rallying her base in terms of how to address the problem of illegal immigration and those statements are only some of what she said. 

Not only does she sound an awful lot like Trump, but she sounds like plenty of the other candidates when it comes to illegals paying fines, learning to speak English, working and not sucking off of the rest of us, and demonstrating they are worthy of American citizenship.

Clinton is the text-book Liberal; tell people what they want to hear, or tell a lie often enough that people will eventually believe it.

She will bend to the wind and change her tune faster than you can change your socks.

Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to not be so wishy washy. Whether you support Trump or one of the other Republican presidential candidates you can bet that their position on addressing illegal immigration is not 180-degrees from that of four years ago, nor will it be 4 years from now.

With Hillary though?

You have no idea where she will stand on any issue on any given day.

Do you want that for your next president?

Source: Conservative Tribune


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