What do you call a liberal with a firearm?

An "oxymoron." The "oxy" is the gun, the "moron" is the liberal.

As we usher in the unpredictable era of Donald Trump, liberal toy soldiers are feeling especially vulnerable -- so vulnerable, in fact, that they are willing to give up their anti-gun stance and take up arms against "fascism."

Recall the recent butt-kicking liberals received on the campus of UC Berkeley at the hands and fists of conservative counter-demonstrators.

Liberals, still licking their wounds from that well-deserved smack-down, flocked to social media with calls to ramp up the violence, using firearms if necessary.

This is serious stuff, folks.

Liberal fear of Donald Trump has morphed into a newfound appreciation for rifles, handguns, and liberal "militias."

One such "militia" in Arizona is the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club (named after the famed abolitionist), composed of a rainbow coalition of wannabe gunslingers, who feel it's time to fight conservative firepower with liberal firepower.

First, they'll need to learn how to handle their weapons.

The Phoenix John Brown Gun Club recently marked "Range Day" with a shoot-em-up YouTube video depicting members of what is best described as "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight."

Really, they couldn't even hit the target at 25 yards. The shooting range was so littered with trash it looked more like a stopping off point for illegals crossing the Mexican border into the U.S.

The group then had a field day unloading semi-automatic weapons into a KKK effigy, symbolically to punish nasty white conservatives.

Range Day would have been the stuff of comedy if it hadn't been for the fact that firearms, even in the hands of poorly trained liberals, are very dangerous things.

The organization of liberal "militias" represents the next stage of ideological conflict, which is deadly physical confrontation.

Liberals have merely demonstrated that they plan to use deadly force when they feel the time is right. What the future holds for America are lots of conservatives and bleeding heart liberals, literally bleeding in the streets.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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