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“Exploitation” of children no matter the perceived justification by adults, should never be tolerated. Worst yet using them as props, for whatever political crusade and crafting a profanity laced script for them to read, is tantamount to child abuse, and perhaps taking activism to a new low.

The child exploitation video, hosted at, is linked to a campaign to keep Trump off NBC’s Saturday Night Live and features a young boy and girl perhaps about 8-years old shouting words like “mothe-f***ers,” “f***,” and “d***,” as well as Spanish profanity. At one point, a boy raises a middle finger to the camera while he holds a sign reading, “Deport this.”


Indoctrinating children and encouraging them to participate in hateful and vile speech, is no different than young Muslim children being indoctrinated into terrorism…it’s all child abuse!

Watch the video below:

Source: Breitbart


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