“And it frustrates them to no end, and that’s why they get irritated. That’s why they hate us. They hate what we stand for, they hate our values, they hate us so bad. They want it to be true, and it’s not true.”

Truer words were never spoken than those said above, by Daniel Lawrence Whitney. You know him as the extraordinarily funny, “Larry the Cable Guy.”

While he likes to poke fun at himself and what we call “rednecks” he is very serious when it comes to addressing how the liberal mainstream media treat those who do not fit their narrative.

Those people would be you and me, and every other working class person out there. While on The Gavin McInnes Show, he pointed out that the mainstream media have “…drawn up this picture of how they want us to be.”

That picture is one of every form of bigotry you can think of; male chauvinism, racists, homo-phobic, Islamo-phobic, white people who hate everybody, running around thumping the Bible in one hand and waving a shotgun in the other.

When it turns out not to be the case, as it does 99.9999% of the time, “…they go insane. They cannot handle it.”

He is absolutely right. We the People, are the most reviled among the mainstream media, and it is a shame, because We the People are the only folks keeping them employed.

Source: Conservative Tribune






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