To prove we are tough on climate change! That’s why we did it!

This, according to John Kerry, is the reason the Obama Administration nixed the Keystone Pipeline XL, via rejection of application.

According to Secretary of State John Kerry, the man responsible for trying to keep the world at peace, calm the terrorist situation down in the Middle East, keep Putin and China from pressing their jack-boots any harder down on our throats, and clean up Clinton’s Benghazi mess;

““I have been deeply immersed in this [climate change] issue, in this international debate for decades, and the question of whether the United States would be willing to make the same tough choices that we advocate to the rest of the world.”

Well now. Isn’t that special.

While we Americans worry about getting drug into World War III fighting the Caliphate and being invaded by Jihadis while being simultaneously stripped of our 2nd Amendment, or paying next month’s mortgage while wondering when we will join the ranks of the unemployed, it is so comforting to know that President Obama and his Administration, see climate change as the greatest problem of our time; “a matter of the highest diplomatic priority,” again, that would be Kerry.

Of course, he also cites that this would have little long term economic impact or energy security, “…and it would have been basically irrelevant when it comes to gas prices for American consumers, which are already coming down, as you know,” says Kerry.

Well, wait just a minute. Was it not his boss, our dictator, who said low gas prices meant a struggling economy, back during the 2012 election debates with Mitt Romney?

So, shouldn’t that mean that Keystone would have been helpful in putting people to work?

We are a nation run by idiots; dangerously ambitious, deceitful, tyrannical idiots.

Source: CNS News

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