Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of those women liberals love to hate. The rest of us just plain love her. Her quick wit coupled with her no nonsense style of speaking are endearing to conservatives across America.

Recently, Judge Jeanine, host of Fox News Channel’s Justice Program, took on President Obama and his insatiable obsession with disarming American citizens.  She opened her show with a monologue that was fiery from the start. The most dangerous threat to America? President Obama and his pen, be means of taking executive action, the target being guns. The president intends;

“…to use his presidential actions to, once again, usurp congressional powers and circumvent the constitution by thinking up ‘new actions’ this Monday with his Attorney General. Translation? Together, they will chip away at our Second Amendment gun rights."

She goes on that we the people pay for every senseless action President Obama takes.

She provides support for her argument as to the danger he presents to the nation; ISIS, the “JV team”, his statements that he would contain them without a strategy to do so.

“The reality? Today, ISIS is the largest, strongest, mos well-funded terrorist organization the world has ever seen.”

She references that the organization has satellites keeping an eye on the Middle East! How many of us knew that?

How about Al-Qaeda and the Taliban? While not making much in the way of headlines, Judge Jeanine asks if she is missing something as there appears to have been a “resurrection” of those equally evil groups. They have broadened their horizons to include Africa.

American citizenry has no faith in our president, as evidenced by his 64% disapproval ratings. Chances are that is every American was polled the number is a lot higher, but that is a topic for another day.

Judge Jeanine nails it. You can watch the rest of her monologue via the link.

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