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Recently Vice President Joe Biden decided that he would do us all a 'HUGE' favor and speak to Mexico on all of our behalf.

He decided to apologize to the Mexican people for the "behavior" of all those big bad republicans during the presidential campaign.

And he did it in the only way he knows how in a rambling nonsensical fashion.

Biden made almost comical analogies of poisoning the well and then trying to make an impossible land deal where the well resides.

If you're completely confused by what he was trying to say you're not alone but we can't say for sure if you're in good company because it would seem Biden was just as baffled by his own rambling.

Check out his "heartfelt apology below".

Now we never asked for Biden to apologize for us and frankly it's probably better if he never speaks on our behalf ever again.

Furthermore, Biden mentioned nothing about the well deserved apology that we as United States citizens deserve from the Mexican nation for sending over all those illegal immigrants.

Did Biden ever stop to think that there might be a reason Mexico has come up so much in the GOP?

That maybe there is an actual problem on our nation's southern border? No. He didn't.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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