American critic Jesse Watters is confident President Donald Trump will survive the latest attempt by Democrats and the media to drive him out of office.

"If you can survive locker room talk I think you can survive a memo from Comey," Watters said on Fox New, in reference to the video that nearly derailed Trump's campaign and the recent liberal furor over the so-called "Comey memo."

Watters said the "impeachment obsession" over Trump meeting with fired FBI Director James Comey, in which the president "suggested" Comey stand down from his investigation of "Russia-gate," is liberal much-ado about nothing.

The conservative pundit believes the media, having nothing of substance to use against Trump, are "swinging from the fences here, because they have nothing left in the bullpen."

"The only thing Trump has obstructed is Hillary moving into the White House," Watters added.

In the world of fake news, Trump wasn't supposed to win in the election. Hillary was the chosen one to sit in the Oval Office and do the bidding of the Washington deep state swamp that Trump promised to drain.

Trump, however, has been anything but consistent with the implementation of his MAGA agenda given the hostile forces aligned against him.

Even more concerning to his base has been Trump's appointment of establishment wonks and cranks who are antithetical to the president's foreign and domestic policy objectives.

Watters is correct, though. Trump will be able to weather the impeachment frenzy -- provided he reaches out to and reassures millions of core supporters that MAGA is real and not just words that got him elected.

Please share your comments if you think President Trump will be able to overcome the latest efforts to detail his presidency by Democrats, certain Republicans, and the media.

Source: Truthfeed

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