Back in November of 2014, terrorist Ibrahim al-Aqari, went to meet his 72 virgins, but only after he managed to end the life of Israeli border patrol officer, Jidan Assad (38), and 17-year old Shalom Aharan Baadani, grandson to a Shah Party Council of Torah Sage, as well as injuring 14 other people.


His mission was to mow down as many as he could while driving his vehicle into a crowd.

That earned him a bullet and a cowardly death.

al-Aqari’s family, and Hamas, being the terrorists that they are, celebrated his death, with the latter calling it a little “car accident.” 

Well, looks like Israel “accidentally” blew up the al-Aqari family home.



That’s what happens when you commit terrorism in Israel.

Payback rains down, and rightly so.

Whereas our government looks to appease and arm the terrorist enemies of our nation, as well as import them in by the thousands, and let’s face there will be plenty in the mix of Syrian refugees, Israel steps up and protects her people.

Even if it means lobbing some bombs in retaliation for terrorism, not handing them off in a game of hot-potato, only to have them pointed back at them as is the pattern of President Obama.

Source: Qpolitical


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