War is an ugly thing. There are no real rules of engagement, no matter what our nations’ leaders try to get us to believe. When one group of people is incessantly targeted and the subject of another group of people’s unending brutality, things can go from bad to worse quickly. When the oppressed group has had enough, a lot of times the tactic of humiliation comes into play, as does denigration, and the “teaching a lesson” to those that should think twice about further provocation or assault.

As demonstrated in this video, one Israeli man has reached the point where victory takes on such displays. The man on the stretcher is a dying Palestinian terrorist who had attacked and stabbed an Israeli police officer in Kiryat Arba, a Jewish settlement in Hebron (near West Bank).

Notice that Israeli medical personnel are rendering aid to the terrorist, who by all rights, and presumably anybody in their right mind thinks, ought to be left to bleed to death in the street and later eaten by dogs.

An unidentified Israeli man, with a slice of pork in hand, approaches the terrorist, who is laid out on a stretcher and in receipt of medical attention, and while videotaping, places the pork on the terrorist’s face.

In translation, the Israeli is believed to be telling onlookers the meat is pork, and asks “Who doesn’t know they really love pork?” Then to drive his point home, he says;

“Let him enjoy himself with the virgins. He should enjoy his virgins with the pork.”

This is war people. Whether you agree with the Israeli man’s actions or not, you can certainly appreciate his anger considering the guy on the stretcher is a terrorist who just tried to kill one of their own.

Watch the video below:

Source: Right Wing News


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