The Orlando shooting rocked the world as the worst mass shooting America has ever seen killing 49 and injuring another 53 innocents. This tragedy is yet another atrocity carried out by a Muslim extremist and ISIS has claimed the shooter as one of its own.

The world has expressed shock and sympathy, but this particular action taken by Israel shows exactly where its loyalty and heart lies. This powerful gesture has been displayed on Israel's own City Hall in Tel Aviv leaving everyone who sees it breathless.

Israel has always been one of most powerful and loyal allies of the United States. In the wake of the horrifying mass shooting that took place at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Israel made sure to demonstrate its loyalty to show that it stands with America, as well as the Orlando victims and their families.

After news of the attack reached Tel Aviv, the side of City Hall was lit up with three different flags to show its support.

One onlooker was able to take a video and post it to social media so that the entire world could see this powerful tribute.

The building was lit with the American flag, the Israeli flag, and the rainbow flag, the international symbol for the LGBTQ community in recognition that the shooting took place at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also publicly expressed his condolences to the American people, saying, “Orlando is thousands of miles from Israel, but the tragedy there has deeply saddened me. We Israelis feel your pain as if it were our own.” This truly shows the support that such a good ally and friend has demonstrated for us.


This tragedy has effected everyone and, although it is something that saddens the world, it is good to see the world coming together and standing in solidarity against such terrible horror. We can only hope that this marks a turning point when the world is able to band together and eliminate such an evil force that is ISIS.

Please share this and show that you stand in solidarity against this evil and show your support for the families of the Americans that lost their life in such a devastating attack.

Source: Mad World News


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