After viewing this impressive video, the question that should be asked is where does the President of the United States fit into this equation?

In that given the recent revelation that over 75% of our pilots return without firing a single weapon or dropping a single bomb, because of the ridicules restrictions placed on them, when it comes to the “rules of engagement.”

Obama seems more than willing to sit on the sidelines and pretend he’s actually having some effect in degrading ISIS, his bluster that ISIS is contained, actually speaks of a much wider issue, in that our president, our Commander-in-Chief, is in a constant state of denial and wishful thinking, rather than actually attempting to defeat this threat.

This video posted to LiveLeak several days ago, was taken from an Iraqi gunship as Islamic State group militants were being tracked in the Makhool Mountains.

For whatever reason, the terrorists seem to have picked the highly visible side of a large mountain as a place to get stuck, which wasn’t exactly all that wise.

The gunship circled around the mountain a few times, apparently getting a bead on their target, before unleashing “hell” followed by an impressive explosion…then dust to dust.

Imagine for a moment that this president rather than being in a “state-of-denial” actually took the lead and his rightful place as the most powerful nation on the face of the earth and used our technology and military capabilities to defeat ISIS.

Watch the video below:

Source: Conservative Tribune



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