Here I am! Here I am! Look over here! See me with the gun.


Yes, the Iraqi Army Aviation pilot of the Mi28 attack helicopter spotted you.

It’s a funny thing being a sniper. Most of them don’t want to be seen. They do their job and mosey on to their next mission.

Not this ISIS loser. He had positioned himself in the window of a building and was happily shooting at whatever pleased his eye.

As the helicopter arrived on the scene to do some surveillance, the “sniper” decide to expose his position and shoot at the helicopter. 

Apparently this guy thought of himself as some sort of bada** because it is safe to say he was not operating an RPG. The flash of the gun gave away the ISIS gunman’s position.

This is a thing of beauty to watch. A couple rounds from the sniper and a single one-way ticket to 72 virgins in the sky returned the favor.

The battle stories he tells his maidens should be interesting and we can bet he has a lot of explaining to do to Allah for being suck a loser.

Keep up the good work Iraqi Army.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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