ISIS seems to constantly be terrorizing other countries and issuing threats and ultimatums. The most recent, however, may have been more than the radical Islam terror group can chew.

In a new video released this week, ISIS has made known its desires to attack Russia. The video, which is titled "Soon Very Soon the Blood Will Spill like an Ocean," isn't much to look at, but what it insinuates is much more telling.

Russia has become much more involved in the Middle East in recent months, ever since the country has shown itself very determined to back up Bashar Al-Assad's reign in Syria. As part of that support, Russia has been bombing ISIS strongholds out of Syria for the past several months--though some of the targets have also seemed scarily close to targeting U.S. troops and allies.

Russia and ISIS recently had one of their first direct showdowns when ISIS fighters claimed responsibility for bringing down a Russian plane in Egypt. The ensuing crash resulted in over 200 people dying and was a PR nightmare for both Egypt and Russia.

The 5-minute video that ISIS put out declaring its hatred for Russia was mostly old footage of Russian cities with an audio track of Russian running underneath. However, the telling title of the video, speaking of blood soon spilling "like an Ocean," leaves nothing to the imagination about the true motivations of ISIS. They want Russia gone.

It's hard not to smirk, initially, upon reading that ISIS is now bent on also attacking Russia. Russia, for all its propaganda, isn't perceived as that much different from the United States in the eyes of terrorists. Now, perhaps, Russia will look on the U.S. actions in the Middle East with a bit more understanding.

And if Russia joins the U.S. in the fight against ISIS, so much the better!

h/t: CNN

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