It should come as no surprise to any thinking and knowledgeable individual that America’s foreign policy is a complete disaster, in both strategic planning and more importantly in our inability to actually have any reliable INTEL as to “who’ and “why” individuals are being given aid and or being funded.

And so given the president’s almost delusional approach to waging war on Islamic terrorists, it should come as no surprise that confusion seems to be (whether intended or not), a part of Obama’s Middle East policy, given the president’s bizarre statement that the United States was training and supporting ISIL forces.

And then quickly recanting the statement, saying there was a mistake on the teleprompter read by the President and that the U.S. is not funding the Islamic State.

However Yousef al-Salafi said he has been paid $600 per recruit he sent to Syria, according to Pakistan’s Express Tribune. And just over one year ago, the United States was funding rebel groups in Syria to topple Syrian President Assad. ISIS was not a priority.

What is apparent is that the Middle East is a “hot bed” of deception; alliances are made and broken at will, If anything Benghazi should have been our wake-up call that sloppy intelligence combined with a reluctance ambivalence fueled by a dangerous progressive  ideology, is responsible for the creation of ISIS.

Now, President Obama is preparing to ask Congress for $5.3 billion for Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State.

h/t: TPNN

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