The Kurdish people are a resilient people and there have been many stories in the news about many brave groups of them pushing back against ISIS and striking fear deep into their hearts. Amongst the many anti-ISIS Kurdish fighters are the Peshmerga in Iraq and the many YPG units fighting across Turkey and Syria.

Although the Kurds are often outgunned and under-equipped, with little or no assistance from foreign powers they have managed to achieve many victories and hold off the hordes of ISIS pigs.

In a recent engagement between a YPG unit and an Islamic State Group on the Turkey border the YPG unit was able to capture the Islamic militants. They filmed the aftermath of the capture and the fear displayed by this ISIS captives is priceless.

The captives, made up of what is supposed to be the most feared and fearless group to walk the earth, are in fact one of biggest groups of horrified wimps. As soon as the gun is switched all that talk of killing and fear stops and these animals start begging for mercy.

The video shows the reaction and fear of the captives.

The men are seen begging for forgiveness and claiming that they are completely innocent, that they have done nothing wrong.

They tell their captor's that they do not deserve to die and desperately beg to return home to their mothers and never come back.

Not only is this the biggest load of crap but it's downright pathetic.

They even claimed that they did not even want to fight the Kurds but that they were forced by the Turks to fight them and would receive money and a passport to be able to travel to Europe.

One man can be heard saying "They told us you are our enemies, but this is your land, we were wrong to come here, we will never come back."

Others began praying for the protection of the Kurds and to have Allah protect their lands and even the Christians that have sought refuge with the Kurds and even fought with the Kurds against religious persecution and the radical Islamists.

They cursed the men who had told them to go fight the Kurds. They cried and begged for mercy and to be let go for many minutes.

This is a very different tune than the ISIS fighters who still have their guns and want nothing other than to kill innocents and destroy Christianity and Western Society. Now they don't seem to have the upper hand and their message is much different, "please sir, let me go."

The Islamic State prides themselves on being invincible and afraid of nothing, not even death. Recently there has been more and more examples just like this showing the true colors of these ISIS pigs. They are nothing but groveling cry-babies. Every video like this weakens the Islamic State's power to incite fear into the world.

More and more anti-ISIS militants continue to pop up and fight the good fight against these radical Islamists. This is exactly what the world needs, for all us to focus our efforts on eradicating these terrorists and exposing them for the fearful cowards that they really are.

Hopefully with the emergence of so many similar videos this may mark a turning point in the tide of battle against the Islamic State. It's little victories like this that chisel away at ISIS and help expose them for who they really are.

Be sure to share this video on Facebook and help in the fight to show the true face of ISIS, it's not some big bad boogie man, it's a grown man crying and begging to run home to his mommy.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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