It's only been a few days into the new year and 2017 has already seen more ISIS than we would have liked. In Turkey the new year began with an ISIS terror attack at a night club in Istanbul. However, instead sitting around and pretending it didn't happen like Obama loves to do the Turkish government made sure to strike back and show ISIS that they don't play around when it comes to terrorism.

Just as 2017 began Turkey already had to bear witness to a terrible terror attack, where a gunman came into a night club and open fired on the patrons, many of whom were foreigners visiting for the holidays.

The gunman managed to kill 39 people before fleeing the scene and was still at large as of Tuesday morning. Shortly after the attack the Islamic State group came forward and claimed responsibility for the attack.

Turkey made sure not to waste any time in their retaliation and the U.K. Daily Mail reports that Turkey attacked "100 ISIS targets" in Syria. Video of one of the airstrikes carried out by the Turkish military has recently surfaced and it shows that Turkey doesn't tolerate terrorism.

Reports indicate that the Turkish attacks on ISIS have killed 22 people.

Russia also took action against ISIS, bombing multiple Islamic State group targets in Syria with a series of airstrikes.

Although the exact timeline of when these airstrikes took place is not entirely clear, ISIS took responsibility for the attack on Monday morning and the U.K. Sun reports that the attacks took place "barely 24 hours after" ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack.

So either Turkey was aware that ISIS was behind the attack or they didn't waste any time once they found out. Either way, it just shows that Turkey doesn't mess around when it comes to dealing with terrorists.

We're lucky to have a new president that isn't afraid to take the necessary action when dealing with terrorists. We've let the terrorists walk all over us without consequence for too long under Obama's leadership. It's time we show them that we mean business under Trump's leadership and terrorists should fear that leadership.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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