Don't worry, the people behind Tactical Sh*t have just brought us a new video on how to take care of those pesky ISIS fighters once and for all.

This instructional 'hunting' video demonstrates exactly how one should go about luring an ISIS member and then ultimately kill them with this hilarious sketch.

The instructor in the video shows you exactly how to use this decoy goat in order to get these ISIS members right where you want them. Once you got them where you want them the decoy goat will do the rest.

This isn't any normal goat, however, the video describes the goat as ur standard issue IEG or rather Improvised Exploding Goat. This IEG is meant to draw in the ISIS member and then explode upon penetration.

The video instructs one to find a nice 'dilapidated' area where to put you're goat, some place with lots of rocks so that the ISIS members will feel at home.

It also gives instructions on how to make sure the goat is placed upwind of where you think your ISIS targets may be in order to make sure that they catch a good whiff of that "Ode de Goat's A**" and draw them in.

Once you have retreated to a safe distance then it would be a good idea to wait and watch as the IEG naturally draws in any ISIS members nearby that can smell the pungent scent.

From there all you have to do is sit back and let the goat do it's work and then BOOM no more ISIS!

Check out the full video below.

That's one way to take down some ISIS scum in this hilarious fashion.

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Source: Mad World News


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