Prison crime is no joke. None of us can really imagine what goes on inside those concrete walls and barred cells. Those who’ve been incarcerated, and served their time in payment of debt to society can better speak to what is like. It is well known that rapists and pedophiles are not well liked and targeted for unspeakable acts, that frankly most of us really don’t care about because such folks earned what is coming to them.

It seems terrorists can now be added to that list. While radical Islamist convicts are well known to convert other weak-minded and sadist-prisoners, the guys in Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre in Ottowa, Canada wanted no part of that. In fact, it would seem they wanted no physical part of parts, literally, of twin brothers, both Muslims, and both terror suspects, walking around in their prison home anymore. Couple this with the “missionary” Jihadi  Larmond threatening to do what terrorists do, killing of the person refusing to convert, and you are gonna make your targeted inmate convert hopeful, and his prison buddies, seriously angry.

So goes the tale of twin brothers Carlos and Ashton Larmond, who prior to incarceration, had dreams of leaving Canada for the bloodied deserts of the Jihad. They ended up in prison, tried to convert fellow inmates and got a taste of what “infidels” can do when annoyed. Particularly infidel convicts who are not amateurs at violence and crime.

The video opens with some discussion among inmates. Then some pushing a shoving starts. Then a beat down begins with two men drilling one of the Jihadis into the ground. The other inmates get out of the way and let the two angry individuals have a go at one of the Larmond brothers. Fists, feet, and what looks like a folding chair or some other object, begin to fly. Larmond is chased around the room by the inmates like the rodent he is. The other inmates get out of their road and move objects in the room out of their way.

The prison guards eventually show up and he is allowed out of the proverbial penalty box. Some congratulatory expressions are made amongst the convicts and they disperse to go back to whatever it is they do in prison.

h/t GlobalNews

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