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To most Americans the unmistakable scent of bacon waffling throughout their home is a comforting feeling of perhaps a typical Sunday morning breakfast with their loved ones, and as traditional as mom’s apple pie.

And what is equally more traditional of America than motorcycles and a pig roast, and perhaps just as infuriating to Muslims on their holiday of Ramadan, then to hold an “Open Bike Party & Pig Roast”, by a local motorcycle club calling itself “The Infidels”.

The upcoming weekend barbecue event hosted by the club is apparently in protest of the Islamic holiday, and while the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is on high alert, they’re not anticipating any trouble.

However they do plan on keeping a close watch on the roughly 150 participants who are expected to attend.

Pig Roast flyer for the event

h/t: TPNN


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