As 2015 draws to an end, one thing is certain in that the recent war on police will continue well into 2016, and perhaps beyond. 

While no doubt there are a few bad apples that should never have worn the uniform, the vast majority of those who protect the public from bad guys, risk their lives and do so for the betterment of society.

However within the last several years we've witnessed a disturbing pattern by both the mainstream media and with this administration in their attempt to brand law enforcement professionals  as racists, and killing indiscriminately African-Americans, which has made the job of policing near impossible.

And even when a shooting is justified a police officer’s career may be destroyed, however in this incident a body camera might have actually saved two police officers from prison, as the video footage shows in detail what took place

Attorney General Joseph Foster on Friday issued a 14-page report that concluded the shooting was legally justified.

Foster also said that video of the July 6 shooting that was recorded by the officers’ body cameras will be released on Monday to the family of Hagen Esty-Lennon, and then on Aug. 5 in response to several Right-To-Know requests.

Having to shoot and kill someone is always a tragedy, no one disputes that.

But when a suspect is carrying a deadly weapon and refuses to listen to orders from police officers to drop the weapon and instead, charges towards them, officers simply have no other choice but to do what is necessary to protect themselves.

Source: Fly Height

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