If America is to fight back and hopefully reclaim its heritage, it will need  rugged  individuals like Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio,  who will finally stand up against an all out  assault  by this administration to purposely destroy  “America’s sovereignty" and push back against a continuous invasion of illegal aliens.

And the way to stop the unabridged influx of illegal aliens from overtaking your town is to simply publicize those businesses hiring illegal aliens, in short “shame” those greedy merchants, and it seems to be working.

Sheriff Jones has asked these employers to stop but he’s now taken it one step further by also asking other citizens in the community to help him out by turning in those they know to be taking part in this crime.

The savvy move by the sheriff actually targets the business owner rather than the illegal alien, and reminds both the owner and the community at large that hiring illegal aliens not only affects tax revenues but actually creates a loss of jobs within the community of those American workers.

The sheriff shamed business owners in a video he released last week, and reasons that it’s easy to accuse illegal immigrants for taking the jobs these businesses offer, but those allowing it to happen are more at fault.

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