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Once again “frontier justice” prevails and of course what better place than Texas where home invasions are taken seriously, especially when you’re an armed illegal alien, and although its certainty not advisable to take the law into your own hands when confronted by an armed thug, the homeowner had no other recourse but to defend himself and his home.

However as this brief video graphically illustrates armed or not this guy took quite a beating at the hands of the irate homeowner.

The incident took place in Longview Texas when 28-year old Kevin Mitchell Gonzales tried to gain entry into a home. At some point during the home invasion, the homeowner walked into the garage that Gonzales was in, and prompted a physical struggle.

Gonzales then produced a gun, which the homeowner wrestled away from him, and the apparent “beat-down” began.

After he was arrested, authorities discovered that “Gonzales” was actually Jose Andres Martinez, a Mexican national who was in the United States illegally. He was one of many who are using a false identity to stay in this country illegally.

Martinez had crossed the border numerous times before, and had been caught at least twice. Reporters believe he may have had up to 8 different ideas on him at the time of arrest.

I guess that old adage is true; things are indeed bigger in Texas, even the “BEAT-DOWNS!”

h/t: American News



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