This election has been the biggest nightmare clown circus our nation has probably ever had the great misfortune to watch unfold.

We have diehard losers trying to stay in the spotlight, be it the architect of one failure after another, Karl Rove, or the former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, preacher of family values  with 2x baby momma daughter and domestic violence prone son (PTSD-you betcha!), endorsing Donald Trump.

The three ring act surrounding Trump is too big to describe here, but we can take a look at the latest display of disgrace.

Trump received the endorsement of wack-job David Duke, this generation’s Grand Wizard (lame title) of the Ku Klux Klan. Sure, Duke was a former GW, but Wacko Wizard none the less.

Trump’s inability to adequately distance himself from Saruman the White has caused him some heat in the press. Just chalk it up to another reason for the mainstream media to pick on the guy, and another opportunity for Trump to use scandal to stay in the spotlight, thereby working his Media Marionettes.

Then we have the Carnival Side Show of the Hildebeast, whom we can refer to as Bearded Woman. While she did not receive such an endorsement, she has made her own in favor of the bedsheet clad pointy hooded thugs.

She idolized Robert Byrd, an equally noteworthy Klansman who when having signed up to fight in World War II took issue with having to fight alongside blacks; “race mongrels,” as he called them, “a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

WTF Hillary?  This is your mentor? Then again we are talking about an Alinsky protégé, and he too was a monster. Hillary extolled love ofr Byrd upon his passing, as a man who was beyond “eloquence and nobility,” a king of white cloth.

So much for her sympathetic, “I was born a poor black child” pandering to the Black Lives Matter crowd. Which is it Hildebeast? Klansman or black thug?

Hillary is worse than Trump. He uses people and discards them, pretending to never know them. She uses people, and uses people, and uses people, until they drop dead-literally. Then she sings their praises, like a Byrd, and goes back to her race baiting side show.

Source: Mad World News


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