Who makes fun of retarded people?  Nobody, really. Unless of course you are a Clinton, in which case back in 1995, you were hip deep in your own BS when it came to thought-policing such behavior. 

Meaning, while the Clintons lambasted others for making fun of the retarded, being the elitist they are, they made short films doing just that.

“Hillary Gump” was a Clinton Feature Film presented at the 1995 Gridiron Dinner. As you can imagine, it drew inspiration from the film Forrest Gump. Not only is this embarrassing to watch, it is painful to digest. Hillary is not a funny woman.

The talent gene did not develop in her DNA strand. It was overtaken by ruthless deceit, and could-not-care-less attitude when it comes to others, retarded or otherwise (think Gump-like folks and the victims of Benghazi).

This is appalling. To think we elected her equally insulting husband to the office of POTUS. He too makes an appearance in the video.

Perhaps, this is the Clinton legacy—Bill, diddling with interns over pizza and cigars when he isn’t making fun of retarded people, and Hillary abandoning our warriors to death at the hands of terrorists and in her spare time, also making fun of retarded people.

Ironically, Forrest Gump was a bit of genius and far from retarded. In attempting to spoof Forrest, Hillary did nothing more than prove to the world that she is unequivocally retarded (apologies to the mentally retarded everywhere, who are rock stars in the intellectual department when compared to Hillary Clinton).

Will the humiliation of the nation, at the hands of our leadership never end?

Source: Conservative Tribune


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