Our nation is in its “highest threat environment since 9/11,” according to House Homelands Security Chairman, Michael McCaul (R-TX), while speaking to the National War College on December 7th.

Of course, all of us did not need a governmental official to relay what we believe to be the obvious, but it is nice to see our government representative getting with the program of American being in danger, needing to prepare, and protecting ourselves.

Suffice it to say, it’s been awhile, and in truth, Republicans have been facing an uphill battle when it comes to the POTUS, Barrack Obama.

McCaul point out that ISIS, known in Obama’s circles as, the JV Team, has evolved to prescence within 19 counties, the United States included, given the recent Farook/Malik terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

“In November, the group [ISIS] managed to conduct three major terrorist attacks on three separate continents in just three weeks,” said McCaul.

Not only that, but they appear to be linked to 19 separate plots here, in the home land. 

Sixty other known plots are scattered across the globe, and ISIS recruits have flocked to the Middle East from 100 different counties, “creating the largest global convergence of jihadists in history,” according to McCaul.

Aside from the 19-linked attacks in the US, McCaul goes on to enlighten that the FBI is actively investigation upwards of a 1,000 possible cases, and American has had 250 ex-Patriots leave the country to go join the Jihad. This is no insignificant threat.

McCaul see us as, “…a nation at war,” that has been ongoing since 9/11, and has now come to our shores; “Our own city streets are now the fronts lines. Indeed, San Bernardino was not an isolated event.”

“I believe the state of our homeland is increasingly not secure, and I believe 2015 will be seen as a watershed year in this long war—the year when our enemies gained an upper hand and when the spread of terror once again awoke the West.

God forbid what 2016 will bring, but let us hope and pray that the eagle has been wakened from its slumber.

Source: CNS News


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