This election cycle seems to have brought out the biggest idiots and nut-jobs in the nation. To nobody's surprise, a great deal of these morons are of the Hillary supporting variety. One of Hillary's supporters recently decided he would showcase his intelligence to the community by trying to steal a Trump yard sign. Too bad for him, he didn't realize that there was a rather shocking surprise waiting for him when he tried to grab the flag. Luckily for us, there was a camera nearby to catch the entire incident.

Hillary and the rest of the Hillary camp keeps trying to push the idea that it is the Trump supporters that are the most hateful and disruptive voters in this country, but many Trump fans have had to learn the hard way who really fosters such a hateful group of supporters.

Trump fans have had to deal with Hillary supporters causing chaos via any means necessary, be that starting violence and fights at Trump rallies or simply stealing yard signs repeatedly.

Daniel Ohana from New York had to deal with Hillary fans doing the latter to his Trump yard sign, over and over again. Eventually he became fed up with the child-like behavior and devised a plot to make sure that it never would happen again.

So Dan set the trap and put up a camera and waited for the next malicious Hillary supporter to come in and try to stop him from exercising his First Amendment rights.

It didn't take long for one chubby Hillary supporter to spot the sign and make a mad dash to try to grab it. No sooner had the would-be-thief put his hands on the sign in an attempt to steal it, did he realize exactly what little surprise Dan had left for him.

Dan dealt out some immediate justice to the would-be-thief with a shocking effect. The entire incident was caught on camera and you can see the little Hillary piglet jolt from the electricity that Dan had run through the sign's electric frame.

It's safe to say this guy won't be trying to steal anymore signs anytime soon. It just goes to show that Hillary and her group of lemmings really are a crooked bunch that need to be treated like animals in order to start learning how to act in civilized America. Let's just hope Trump takes the win today and whips these hooligans back into shape.

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Source: Mad World News


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