One of Hillary's main talking points in her campaign against Donald Trump has been her claims that he is a 'racist' and a 'bigot.' However, if Hillary's campaign has shown us anything it's that she's a big fan of switching sides and saying the exact opposite of what she actually does.

Throughout Hillary's long political career she has gone back and forth on many key issues that she now uses as the foundation of her campaign. Many of the policies that Trump is supporting she was also in favor of many times in the past.

Recently a video made by "Prissy Holly" was released on YouTube showing Hillary making some of the very same statements that she is now calling Trump a racist for saying himself.

"We do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country," said Clinton back in 1993.

Trump said something very similar in one of his campaign ads: "We have to stop the flow of illegals coming into our country."

So it looks like Clinton had the right idea at some point. If Clinton supporters think Trump is some sort of racist, then they should really take a look at what a 'racist' Hillary is.

"The Mexican government’s policies are pushing migration north," Clinton said back in 2006. This statement shows a striking resemblance to the statement that Trump made about the Mexican government is "much smarter" than our own and is trying to push their rejects into America.

Maybe the most similar comparison would have to be the statements about the deportation of criminals by both candidates.

In 2006 Clinton said, "If they’ve committed transgressions of whatever kind, obviously they should be deported."

Trump has made it a point that the first to be deported would be the criminal illegals. Of course Hillary and her supporters only respond to statements like this with accusations of racism.

Take a look at the video for yourself and see the comparisons.

Clinton should not be attacking Trump for saying the exact same things that she said, and she really shouldn't be using those things as her main talking points. Of course, it's only her nature to say one thing and do the other or flip flop to bend to whatever sort of thing her supporters want to hear. It's about time people wake up and see who Hillary really is and what she believes. If they don't it won't just be Trump supporters who are mad when she gets elected, it'll be her own supporters when she goes against everything that she ever said and flip-flops to whatever suits her best.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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