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Hillary keeps claiming that she has a strong lead among the American public but recent video footage of one of her campaign rallies doesn't seem to match the narrative that her and the rest of the Clinton Camp are trying to paint.

Whereas Trump rallies are always packed with energetic supporters, Hillary's latest campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio showed quite a different scene. The crowd was made up of maybe a hundred supporters that seemed to show little energy or enthusiasm.

A couple dozen had been strategically placed in the bleachers just behind Hillary to try make Hillary appear as if she has a large number of supporters willing to come out and cheer her on while she babbles nonsense.

This depressing scene is really driven home by the appearance of the Clinton campaign staffers teaching chants to the crowd and trying to rally them to support the woman that they were supposedly all there to support in the first place.

Of course, their plan was to make it seem as if Clinton had a massive energetic crowd screaming in support of Hillary Clinton and her moronic agenda. Of course this powerful image that she intended to portray really starts to fall apart when the crowd all looks like they've just walked into the middle of a sports match and are asking the staffers on the side which team they should be cheering for.

This looks a lot different than the sort of crowds we've come to expect at Trump rallies, numbering in the tens of thousands and accompanied by roars of cheers of approval.

These thousands of Trump fans don't need any sort of coaching to break out into chants. Hillary better just hope that she can coach the whole nation into voting for her, but that's not very likely. If her 'supporters' are any less energetic about voting than they are about showing up in force and supporting her at her rallies then she's doomed for sure.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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