Recently at a campaign event in New Hampshire Hillary Clinton was questioned about one of her husbands alleged rape victims.

Her response was what liberals least expected.

Hillary Clinton has always said that she supports rape victims and thinks that all rape victims should be heard. However, when it came to the real questions, like the one that one woman audience member had, she wanted to hear none of it.

This woman happened to be State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien. Hillary even called O'Brien "very rude" for trying to ask the questions that dems are too afraid to.

The particular woman she was asking about?

Juanita Juanita Broaddrick, one of the many woman that Bill is accused of having sexually assaulted. Not soon before this Hillary told O'Brien that she didn't want to know Juanita or what happened to her.

How can you defend your husband's alleged rape of a woman that you don't know and don't want to ever hear from?

O'Brien told reporters that this is exactly why she used to be a democrat but changed of to being a republican, because of the hypocrisy that plagues the liberal party.

Lets hope more democrats realize the facade of a party that the left is and switch over like O'Brien.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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