At this point it's no surprise that Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest hypocrites that the world has ever seen. However, as the election nears this fact is only becoming more and more apparent. Hillary's main ammunition against Trump has been the recent sound clip. Now two video's Hillary have surfaced, proving that she is just as guilty of the same lewd behavior.

Subject: Politics posted two videos clearly showing Hillary objectifying men if we are using the same standards that Hillary and the rest are the left are using to vilify Trump for his "locker room talk."

The first video is of Hillary speaking with Lena Dunham for Dunham's newsletter, "The Lenny Letter." Dunham told Hillary that she and the rest of her readers were incredibly honored to meet her. Clinton responded by saying that she was under the impression that "Lenny" was in reference to R&B musician Lenny Kravitz.

Then Dunham, who is a devout feminist and has even admitted to molesting her younger sister, brought up a time when Lenny Kravitz was on stage and his pants split open revealing his genitalia.

The two women joked about the incident before Dunham asked Hillary if she had seen it for herself. Clinton responded by saying that she hadn't seen it but asked if she could watch the footage on YouTube. After Dunham told her she could Hillary told her that she would be sure to take a look at it.

If this had been switched, you can bet the left would by crying out saying this is, in fact, just the objectification of a musician who had a wardrobe malfunction while performing.

Clinton's "locker room talk" wasn't just seen there. The other video shows another example of Hillary objectifying two shirtless men in the crowd during her campaign. The two were almost kicked out but Hillary let them stay, saying that she was distracted by the two, so distracted in fact that she was having trouble looking elsewhere.

It would seem that Hillary just saw these two male supporters as objectified pieces of meat and not the human beings that they actually are. Hillary and the rest of the left are always quick to jump on any comment that Trump makes about a woman that could be interpreted as objectifying or degrading women, but as these videos clearly demonstrate, she is very guilty of the objectification of men. This is just hypocrisy at it's finest but of course Hillary won't take a look in the mirror at her two faced self and will be sure to try to paint Trump as some womanizing monster that has no respect for women. It's time America wakes up and realizes the who the real monster is and what she is capable of.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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