It would seem as more time passes after the first presidential debate more and more information is coming out showing the shifty moves that Hillary and the Hillary camp did during the debate. It's just come to light what Hillary did with her hands to cheat and it just goes to show how rigged the entire debate was.

Most people were too busy paying attention to Trump making Hillary look like a fool on national television during the first debate to notice, but after looking back at the footage, the truth is coming out. The most recent cheating move that Hillary made is in the form of a few hand motions that seem to be hand signals.

Who was she gesturing at you might ask? Lester Holt.

As you can see in the clip, Hillary moved her hand to 'itch' her face on six individual occasions. After each 'itching' gesture Holt was sure to jump in quickly and respond as she requested. When he didn't do it right away, he was sure to feel her wrath.

Whenever Hillary wanted to toss a jab and attack Trump she made sure to signal Holt, at which point Holt would be sure to interrupt Trump and give her the right of way.

He wasn't able to do it immediately every time she wanted without exposing himself, but he always made sure to do what he was told in the end.

Hillary, however, couldn't keep the reality of it as hidden. Her face showed it all. When Hillary signaled to try to Holt to give her an avenue to lay into Trump and Holt wasn't fast enough, Hillary was seen staring daggers at Holt, as she couldn't hold back her rage.

It becomes pretty obvious that you're cheating when you can't stop glaring at the person that is supposed to be your puppet. This just goes to prove that Hillary has brought her rampant corruption to the public stage. Luckily, Trump doesn't seem too worried about their cheating ways. Like the rest of us, he knows that this is just the thrashing out of scared and cornered animal that knows it's all over.

Make sure to share and show that Hillary has proven that she will at least is consistent in one thing, corruption till the very end.

Source: Mad World News


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