If you saw the debates last night then you saw how slanted the questioning was from NBC's Lester Holt, who was supposed to just be the moderator but instead acted as one of Hillary's lemmings. Well the cheating didn't stop there. The other conniving moves that Hillary made to claw away at any sort of advantage showed just how desperate she really is. Luckily, Trump would be the one to have the last laugh but most people didn't even see it.

It became very clear last night during the heated debates that Hillary Clinton is struggling to stay above water, with her constant jabs and pathetic responses. What was even more telling of her losing and always corrupt attitude was what she was doing outside the lines of the debate.

Once again she employed the use of her mainstream media attack dog to give her a leg to stand on, which she desperately needed since she clearly has been having some trouble standing lately.

After the debate was over and the numbers were tallied Holt asked Trump 15 questions and only asked 2 Hillary exclusive questions. So much for unbiased 'fact-checking.' He really should have been questioning Hillary who was spewing lies left and right.

If the blatant biased interrogation wasn't enough, they pulled a few 'behind the scenes' tricks to try to give Hillary some sort of false edge.

First they raised Hillary's podium to make her appear much taller and more powerful than she actually is. At the same time Trump said after the debate that they had tampered with his microphone.

"The also gave me a defective mic, did you notice that? My mic was defective within the room," explained Trump.

However, Trump did more than hold his own. The resounding agreement from the polls came in today and Trump completely swept them all.

Trump made sure to get the last laugh with this subtle slap to the face that he gave to Holt at the end of the debate that most people missed.

Trump completely dismissed Holt and made him look like the fool that he is. You can clearly see Holt stand awkwardly and not know what to do with his hand.

It's good to see Trump stand up strong and not take any shenanigans from Hillary or her lemmings. This is the type of man we need for president and as the polls have shown this is the man the people want.

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Source: Liberty News Writers


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