If you can look someone in the face and lie without batting an eye, shifting your eyes, blushing, or having your heart rate increase, then you could run for the office of the President of the United States. Specifically, the Democrat ticket, and you could call yourself Hillary Clinton.

“Well, I have to tell you, I have tried in every way I know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer, all the way through my time as Secretary of State to level with the American people.”

Level with, or just plain level the American people? Like she did when our embassies in Libya and Egypt were attacked on the night of 9-11-2012. That night, four of our brave Americans were effectively "leveled with" to their deaths.

She has been pretty clear in her “leveling” with the American people ever since.  We need look no further than her secret email server in a bathroom in nowhere Colorado. You know, when you think about it, she and Bill are truly meant for each other.

After all, she is married to the guy who diddled with an intern in the Oval Office. Bill then “leveled” with America by saying he did no such thing.

These two are the epitome of “straight talk” are they not?

How many other ways has Hillary “leveled” with us? She claimed to dodge sniper fire while in Bosnia. She claimed to have opposed the Iraq war. She even claimed that her kid was close to the World Trade Center attack. She said Chelsea had been out for a run, and had intended to take a loop around the towers, but stopped for coffee when the planes hit.

How about being named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who ascended Mt. Everest? The only problem with that one is he did not make his world-famous ascent until six years after she was born.

We already have a Liar-in-Chief in the Oval Office. Do we really need another one that is equally pathological? The answer is, no. This woman cannot be trusted with the presidency.



Hillary Clinton Says She Has Always Tried To “Level With The American People”"]
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