There’s no doubt that the overused and perhaps worn out analogy of “history repeating itself” has been used to address almost every issue imaginable.

However as tiresome as that analogy has become it’s perhaps the most accurate, in that all one needs to do is once again look across the pond towards Europe to see what is perhaps in store for America, if Hillary becomes the third term of the Obama Presidency.

This video simply highlights the continued and reckless policy of the continued “transformation” of America, if Hillary became president, and her total disregard (as already evident), in protecting our vital and national security interests.

Recent history in both Paris and California has already demonstrated the carnage that will almost certainly take place if Hillary’s wish list of 65,000 more undocumented Syrian refugees are allowed to invade America.

With an almost a guarantee from both the FBI and Homeland Security that a percentage of those refugees will no doubt be ISIS sleeper cells spreading across the heartland.

The video itself is simply chilling in it’s carefree almost blind understanding of the perils facing America, and Hillary’s seemingly lack of understanding.

It's reminiscent of her cavalier mishandling of top-secret information, that has put America, it’s allies and those counter intelligent agents lives in danger.

Do you think Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead our country?

Let us know how you feel in the comments section below.


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