Hillary has been in bed with some pretty shady including her Husband Bill. Recently it was discovered that someone on Hillary's payroll was paid to commit disgusting and illegal acts. This hispanic woman was caught on video during one of her private conversations boasting her commitment to Hillary and just how far she is willing to go to prove that commitment.

The woman's name is Zulema Rodriguez and her purpose in the Hillary campaign was to disrupt Trump rallies by trying to provoke Trump supporters into violence. Rodriguez is paid to go to Trump rallies with other Clinton goons and attack Trump supporters in order to try to paint the narrative that Trump and the rest of his supporters are a bunch of racist thugs, when in fact it is quite the opposite.

Rodriguez's boss referred to her violent illegal job as just the "tip of the spear." Hillary can't try to pin this on anyone else either. Hillary's financials show the direct connection between Hillary and Rodriguez.

Now just imagine if Trump had been caught doing the same thing. There would be outrage from liberals everywhere.

Take a look at Hillary's official expenditure report filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). It shows that the Hillary paid Rodriguez $1,610 as payroll on 2/29/2016 and $30 for a phone. Only two weeks later the riots broke out in Chicago. Pretty hard to believe that the two weren't directly connected.


It get's worse. It appears that Hillary wasn't the only paying Rodriguez for this sort of thuggish behavior. Rodriguez was also getting paid by George Soros funded "Moveon.org" as well as the "Stand With Ohio PAC." Of course, both of these groups are nothing more than front groups working for Hillary and the rest of the Democratic party.


For her 4 months of "hard work," Rodriguez received a total of $21,136. That's pretty good for a career made on trying to start violence and riots at Trump rallies. One can only wonder what her next career move will be. Maybe she can get a good position in the Black Lives Matter group and lead their next violent crusade across some city leaving yet another wake of destructions for their "cause."

Rodriguez was outed on Monday in a video that has since gone viral, made and posted by Project Veritas. James O'Keefe's Project Veritas has been extremely active in producing and posting undercover videos of the rampant corruption that permeates the Clinton campaign and the rest of the Democratic party.

The video exposes Rodriguez for boasting about being responsible for starting the Chicago riots, which ended up being the reason that Trump's rally had to be shut down prematurely. In all the chaos multiple Chicago PD officers were badly injured as well as a number of Trump supporters that got caught in the violence and riots that Rodriguez claims to have started.

Even though the video received more than 2 million views in only 24 hours the mainstream media refuses to report on this explosive discovery. The only source to report was Sean Hannity, but this was only after a Twitter campaign with over 2 million Tweets practically forced him to step up and report the news.

Only fortifying this idea that there is some sort of mainstream media 'blackout' on this topic is an additional video released by Project Veritas stating that Breitbart reported this article to be the most viewed article on that site to date.

This is one explosive link proving that Hillary paid Rodriguez to commit illegal acts to further her own campaign, but it is only part of the full picture that shows the entire connection between these two thuggettes, the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and the organization that Rodriguez works for, called Democrat Partners.

This may be the largest cover-ups that a presidential candidate has ever been caught pulling off and yet the mainstream media remains silent. This is a very scary thought, not only because the woman responsible for the scandal, Hillary Clinton, is allowed to run for president and potentially take control of this country, but also because the media is refusing to inform the public. This just proves the propaganda that is going on in our media. It almost reminds you of some sort of soviet-state or North Korea.

If the mainstream media won't report what is really going on in our country then it is our job to inform the nation of the rampant corruption taking place as we speak.

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Source: Mad World News


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