The presumptive Democrat nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has been front and center in the political arena since her husband, Bill, began his ascent to the presidency in 1976, so it is no surprise that she has mastered the “art of the vague” – the ability to seemingly answer a question or make a statement without really saying much of anything at all.

For the past 14 months, for instance, Hillary has claimed she never sent emails “marked classified,” while neglecting to mention the all-important fact that the statutory language that interests the FBI in its investigation specifically refers to documents “marked or unmarked.”

Her talent in using a lot of words to convey an impression without actually giving information was on display when she appeared on the CBS Sunday morning news program, Face the Nation, and told interviewer John Dickerson that she has received “a lot of outreach from Republicans in the last days.”

The implication is clearly intended to be that Republicans who are uncomfortable with their party’s presumed nominee, Donald Trump, whose successful campaign stunned the establishment, are flocking to switch their allegiance to Democrat Clinton.

Dickerson introduced the topic, asking Clinton, “Your aides talk about Republicans for Hillary. They think with Donald Trump getting the nomination it opens a certain Republican voter to you that may not have gone to you before.”

Clinton picked up the ball and ran with it, launching into a lengthy response that began,“I’m reaching out to Democrats, Republicans, independents, all voters who want a candidate who is running a campaign based on issues,” and ended with a claim that Republicans are reaching out to her.

Dickerson, the veteran journalist who covered politics for TIME Magazine for 12 years before taking over Face the Nation, failed to ask the obvious follow-up question, “Can you name some names?” allowing Clinton to succeed in yet another effort to mislead the public.


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