As Hillary's campaign across America continues to progress so does the public's knowledge of her many, many weaknesses. She has shown that she is weak when it comes to foreign policy and valuing our national security, with the Benghazi catastrophe.

She has been "extremely careless" with her personal email and our nation's confidential information. She has revealed to the nation just how dirty she is, even within her own party with DNC scandal to remove Bernie from the race. However, her latest point of weakness has recently revealed itself regarding her own health and ability to address our nation.

Not too long ago US Herald reported on a strange man accompanying Hillary on the campaign trail that looked at first glance like he was secret service. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that he was in fact there for a very different purpose.

Many have speculated that he was her personal doctor standing at the ready for any unexpected seizures that many people have reported seeing while she was addressing various rallies.

It would appear that her health has only gone down hill in the past few weeks as she was recently seen having an 'extreme' coughing fit during one of her latest speeches in Cleveland.

Clinton has taken the past few days off the campaign trail to 'rest.' Her speech on Labor Day was suppose to be her jumping off point to hit the ground running during the home stretch of the election.

It was a rough start from the beginning and only went down hill from there. She immediately began coughing and reached for a cup of water.

She tried to play it off as nothing by saying "Every time I think about Trump, I get allergic," with a halfhearted forced smile.

She continued to cough and desperately uttered "Boy ,we have 63 days to go," while she choked and resumed her coughing fit.

She took a long pause and reached for a bit of medication before struggling to get through one more sentence. Her running mate Tim Kaine stood up and then sat back down in an awkward and failed attempt to help the sickly Democratic presidential nominee.

Later it looked as if Kaine came to Hillary's aid and brought her a few paper towels.

An aide also stood to assist Hilary by handing her more medication while she continued to battle her coughing fits.

Clinton once again tried to blame her own shortcomings on her opponent, Donald Trump, by citing her "allergic reaction" as the cause for her cough.

Then she ironically continued to bash Donald Trump, saying that he was 'unfit' to be commander in chief and lead this country. She did so in her very weak raspy voice as she barely made it through the rest of her speech, coughing the whole time.

One reporter, Monica Alba, from NBC commented on Hillary's latest fit saying that it was "the worst one I can remember." She continued by saying that Hillary Clinton (HRC) was "very slowly regaining her voice."

A video of the coughing spell was posted to YouTube and the comments on the video say it all.

The comments show the massive concern over Hillary's health and how that could severely impede her ability to assume the role as our next president.

One commenter wrote: "She must be terrified of the debates. If she gets up there and has one of these disgusting hacking coughing fits, or even worse an outright seizure, it’s over."

They've got a real point if she can't even stand up and address our nation or debate over the major issues that our country is facing right now how can she ever be expected to solve them?

We need a president that is strong through and through and that does what they say not one that's entire campaign and platform is riddled with weak spots and that can't even get through a speech without the entire Clinton camp coming to her aid. Trump has proven that he is anything but weak and is willing to be tough on the very serious problems that our country will have to face over the next four years.

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